cat dog measuring guide

Dog Sizing Guide
All dogs vary in size, even those of the same breed, so before purchasing a collar, lead, harness or an item of dog clothing, please measure your pet properly.

How to Measure your Dog
Whether you’re buying a lead, harness or some cool doggie fashion, you’ll want to make sure you measure your pet first. To properly measure your pet, use a fabric tape measure and always ensure they are standing up when you measure them.

How to Measure your Dog/Cat for Clothing
Measure your pet standing upright.  Measure the length of the dogs spine, from the base of the neck, (where the collar sits), to the base (not tip!) of the tail. This is the cm/inch measurement given in each individual item of clothing’s description. Sizing can vary greatly between different pet clothing brands – a medium in one brand doesn’t necessarily mean a medium in the other – so please make sure you measure your pet.

How to Measure your Pet for a Collar
While your pet is standing – measure snuggly around your pets neck where the collar would normally sit. Take this measurement and then add 2 to 4cm.  This is the collar size for your pet. Please allow enough space for 2 fingers to fit between the tape and the neck.

How to Measure your Dog for a Harness
First, follow the instructions above to measure the dog’s neck circumference. Next, measure the chest girth of your dog – this is the measurement around the thickest part of your dogs chest. For a correctly fitted harness, allow enough space for 2 fingers to fit between the harness and the dog’s body. If you’re not sure, choosing a size too big is better than a size too small.

Tips for Sizing Collars and Harnesses
– Don’t forget puppies grow quickly, so you will need to change their collar and harness as they grow
– Collars, harnesses and leads should be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear
– For a comfortable fit, a good rule of thumb is to leave enough space for 2 fingers to fit between the collar or harness and the dog or cat
– If you don’t have a soft tape measure you can use a piece of string to measure your dog, and then measure the string with a flat ruler.