Chihuahua Hints and Tips

If you have looked this far, you will realise I am Chihuahua crazy, in fact the Photo on this page is of the love of my life, Louie!

I apologise if a lot of the diagrams feature Chihuahuas, but they do hold true for most breeds. I hope that some of the information I post on here will help in some way.

               A Chihuahua’s House Rules

  1. Don’t come home smelling of other dogs
  2. I can sleep anywhere I choose, even it it means you trip over me
  3. Don’t call me or lead me to a bath
  4. Let me outside, even though I just came in, there was an area I forgot to sniff
  5. You must feed me every goodie you eat
  6. Dont SHHHHH me from barking while you are on the phone, I heard wind blowing the leaves
  7. If it lands on the floor, It’s mine
  8. Don’t think you can leave a room without me
  9. Don’t move me while sleeping sideways in the middle of the bed, you have enough room on the edge
  10. You will never pee alone again!