Doggie Introduction

Welcome to my website. My aim is to offer unusual homemade gifts for you and your dogs, together with essential accessories for your Chihuahua and other small dog breeds.

I say Chihuahuas as this is where my inspiration comes from. Let me explain some more…
Several years ago, on a weekend away in Rome, I came across my first Chihuahua experience whilst sitting in a restaurant having lunch with my husband. Having always owned large breeds, I was totally amazed when this tiny head popped out of the handbag of the person sitting next to me. Wow! What a gorgeous character he was, curled up on her lap, eating the treats she gave him from her fish dinner. My comment to my husband was “I want one” (We won’t discuss his response, but needless to say, I have nine Chihuahuas now…).

After a lot of research into the breed, I set about looking for my first one; Louie arrived a few months later and was immediately accepted by our larger dogs, Sky (a German Shepherd) and Scooby (a Staffie). I soon discovered how these amazing small dogs had become popular as fashion accessories; they then fell from grace just as quickly. I joined a rescue organisation for the breed and volunteered as a “foster home”. Over an eighteen month period, eight more Chihuahuas joined our family; some long-haired, some short-haired, but each with a story to tell.

When we moved to south-west France, the weather was still chilly, so I went in search for some small jumpers for my furbs to wear around the house. There were none to be found. The same with collars, leads and harnesses. I soon realised that small breeds were not well catered for, so I decided to start this little venture, Joanna’s Chihuahuas,!

I will be writing a blog and hope you enjoy reading about my pack, and in turn, I would love to see photos and hear about your furbabies as well. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

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